Grease traps or interceptors are located between a restaurant’s drains and the sewage drains to permit the separation and collection of Food waste, Fats, Oils and Grease (FFOG) from the used water, preventing such materials from entering the public wastewater system.

The grease trap may be located inside of the restaurant or outside. Typically large restaurants or school kitchens will have their grease trap located outside, usually in the ground, while facilities with smaller traps can usually house theirs indoors.

Observe Solutions can take care of all of the following:

  • - Initially check the grease trap quarterly to determine required cleaning frequency for your site
  • - Pump-out / remove FFOG and maintain the grease trap when accumulations get too high
  • - Implement the use of a bacteria additive to reduce the build-up of FFOG and other organic waste
  • - Assess the viability of automatic injection pumps to pump bacteria into the grease trap at set intervals for virtually maintenance free treatment
  • - Keep a maintenance log
  • - Advise on the most appropriate grease maintenance system for your specific needs